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Winery | Paiania, Attica, 170 sqm, current project |


We were invited to design a small visited winery within an existing building in the historic center of Paiania, Attica. Due to the narrow street where the building is situated, the main idea was to design a space with easy entree from the road forming a sweeping façade.


The concept is based on the form of a funnel shaped structure, symbolically using the funnel as a wine tool, but also as a forced perspective to integrate the interior with the exterior space. The funnel is formed by parallel wooden frames that change in dimensions, rendering the different functions, thus shaping the wine tasting area, the display of the wine bottles or just the movement through the winery.


The wine bottles form dividing walls allowing the light to enter the space in a distinctive manner. Also the funnel defines the view to the greenery and shades the outside seating area.


Street View Open Space
Interior Space
Interior Space
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