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Shop & Trade Office Building | Pireos Str. 222, Athens, 2007-2010 | 10,000 sq.m.




Architizer A+ Awards Special Mention 

Mies Van der Rohe Awards Candidate 

SADAS Commendation for Best Completed Work in Greece 2005-2010

World Architecture Festival Finalist Best Office Building 2010


Architecture Office: Kokkinou Kourkoulas Architects & Associates

Associate Architect: Marianna Athanasiadou

The property is surrounded by streets on three sides. The L-shaped four-storey office volume is placed along the back street and the boundary with the adjacent property, thus providing the backdrop for a roof garden over the single storey retail podium. By opening up towards Pireos Street at the intersection with Kydonion Street the garden contributes to the quality of public space while at the same time providing a visual focus and an environmental buffer for the offices. The set-back also endows the interior with panoramic views.

The garden slopes towards Smyrnis Street at the back, under the main office volume, suggesting perceptual continuity of public and private open space while at the same time demarcating a boundary between the retail podium and the entrance floor of the main offices and showrooms. The distinct treatment of front and back elevations expresses the relationship between the industrial character of Smyrnis Street and the emerging identity of Pireos Street.


Exterior view at a higher level
Exterior view from the avenue
Exterior corner view
Concrete formality
South facade
South facade overlooking the garden
Stairways to the garden
Sun shading
Inclined garden
Conference rooms on the ground floor
Longitudinal section
Site plan
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