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Office Building in Paiania | Athens, 2008-2012 | 30,000 sq.m. | GOLD LEED USGBC

Architecture Office: Kokkinou Kourkoulas Architects & Associates

Project Team (Construction Details): Marianna Athanasiadou

It is a three-storey office building of approximately 30,000 sq.m. located in Paiania. Unrestricted views from the offices and maximum visibility from the highway transform the building into a landmark. The fragmented polygonal shape of the plot was used as a tool for the concept of the building, which was conceived as a partially open wooden meter. The entirety of the elevations is covered by rows of wide aluminum louvres which provide substantial solar shading as well as visual unification of the six fragmented wings. The roof of the entire complex is vegetated.


Air view
Air night view
Side view with closed louvres
Side view with open louvres
Side view
Louvre detail
Louvre detail
Corner view
Construction process
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