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architecture & engineering

Houses in Kavouri | Athens, 2006-2011 | 600 + 1,000 sq.m.

Architecture Office: Kokkinou Kourkoulas Architects & Associates

Associate Architect: Marianna Athanasiadou

House Α is formed by a main volume where common living spaces exist and three smaller discrete volumes that function as bedrooms. The blocks between them allow movement in the north and south, emphasizing the linear movements and the materiality of the spaces. The outdoor area and the swimming pool become the reference point for the design of the residence.

House B has a cross-shaped layout allowing the views to the sea from almost every room of the house. The design was carefully thought out considering its relationship to house A so that no visual disturbance would occur to it.


House A_View from afar
House A_Front view by day
House A_Front view by night
House A_Formality
House A_In between space
House A_In between space
House A_Side view
House A_Side view
House A_Main entrance
House A_In between space
House A_Interior view
House A_Plan
House A_Elevation
House B_Exterior view
House B_Higher exterior view
House B_Main entrance
House B_Afar exterior view
House B_Exterior view
House B_Shading
House B_Materiality
House B_Swimming pool
House B_Interior view
House B_Stairway
House B_Stairway
House B_Plan
House B_Elevation
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