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Perception House | Single Family Residence | Porto Rafti, Attiki, 65 sqm, current project |


This tiny vacation house of only 65sqm is located in Porto Rafti, Greece, only a few blocks from the sea. The family wanted a house that would be a weekend getaway, since it’s less than an hour away from the downtown area of Athens.


Two forced perspectives create shaded exterior spaces that function as an entrance to the common room, which occurs at their intersection. The white color of the residence correlates to the traditional typology of a vacation house in Greece, although its form is more unconventional. Its size remains as small as possible, completely efficient in cost and space.


The landscape of the lot becomes as significant as the house itself, and is designed to be used extensively throughout the year.  


Front Entrance
Side View
Back Side
Front view
Side view
Stair to the roof
Aerial View
Back garden
Back Garden
View from the street
Side View
Night View
Front Facade
Front Facade Detail
Side View
Natural Interior Light
Stair Detail
Construction Process
Construction Site
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