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Folding Functions | Microbiology Lab | Lambrini, Athens, 80 sqm, 2014 |


In February of 2014 a new microbiology lab opened in Athens. The aim was to fit all the necessary services that a diagnostic center provides in a small space of 80 sq.m., making it as efficient as possible.


The lab is located on a small street of an old neighborhood in Athens, Greece, called Labrini. The space has a store front right on the street level and it used to function as a pharmacy. The upper part of the street façade was initially covered, thus making the space quite dark. In order to allow more light into the space, the façade was altered to U-glass, which brightened the space, provided safety, and thermal and noise reduction, while it maintained a necessary privacy due to translucency.


The concept was driven by a folding element that would unite the distinct levels and functions, while allowing the movement within the space to become almost circular around it. The waiting area and main office were set at the front space, while the lab in a linear manner was organized at the back in a more private setting. A thick metal structured stair connected the ground with the upper level, enhancing the interior space, by its design.

Architizer project publication

Open House space exhibition



Street view
Front view
Lab facade
Waiting area
Doctor's office
Examination space
Folding metal stair
Space transparency
U-glass detail
Translucency detail
Laboratory area
Schematic Design
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