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Calpak Exhibition Pavilion in Mostra Convegno Expocomfort | Fierra, Milano, 40 sqm, 2014 |


After designing the Calpak New Office Production & Warehouse Building, we were commissioned the design of the company’s exhibition pavilion, which would introduce Calpak’s solar products in many European cities. 


The concept of the pavilion is based on creating an experience for the customers. In the way they enter the space, the way they move within it, exhibiting not only the products, but also the history and the future of the company. 


Flexible free-standing steel panels create the space, without the need of an additional structural system. These solid and perforated steel stripes of four to five meters long can be built in different ways, depending on the provided exhibition space. Its structural unity, offers a functional space to exhibit Calpak’s products, while offering privacy for presentations and discussion with the visitors.


The design highlights the identity of the company which is very progressive, creating new technologies.


The pavilion has already been exhibited in Milan (5x8) and in Munich (4x12). 


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