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One-Facade Building | Calpak New Office Production & Warehouse Building | Kira Vrysi, Korinthos, 4,800sqm, current project |


The new office building of 4,800 m², production unit and warehouse of Calpak is located in the area of Kira Vrysi, in Korinthos, Greece, where, an existing office building, production unit and warehouse of 3,500 m², sits within the 25,500 m² lot.

The composition is based on capturing the whole view of the new building from the rural road at once, thus allowing a single form to emerge, regardless of its different functions. The curve unifies the building boundaries and highlights the new shape in relation to the existing structure.

The new building is functionally divided into three zones. The offices are placed in the first zone and on two levels. They are in direct relation to the public nature of the road, offering the best view of either the outside or the production space to the employees. The production area is in the middle zone minimizing the distances between functions


The building's sustainable design is emphasized using stainless steel mesh for shading and designing an internal atrium for natural lighting and ventilation for the offices and the production space.


Full view
Side view
Office walkway
Exterior view_One facade
Exterior view_Detail
Exterior view_Detail
Office walkway
Executive Office
Dining Area
Production Space
Exterior view_Detail
Production Space
Production space
Storage/Production Interior
Storage Interior
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