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Bridal Boutique "Katelanos"


Katelanos bridal fashion is situated on the busy Pireos Street in the center of Athens.


The six-story building was constructed in 1978. We were assigned to design a new façade for the building, mainly to eliminate the issues with insulation, but also to unify the 70’s façade. Our first thought was to create a system that would solve a lot of issues synchronously.


The proposal was to create an exterior system using fabric strips, symbolically reproducing common bridal textiles that would shade the building from the southern Greek sun. Thus energy would be saved from lowering the excessive usage of either heating in the winter or cooling in the summer.  Also, the fabric strips unify the façade aesthetically, upgrading the exterior of the building.


On the street level a large glass façade allows the display of the bridal dresses.


Street view
Building Entrance
Facade Concept Design
Facade Folding Structure
Front View & Section Plans
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